If ever anything deserved a "WTF", this is it:

Sorry if this disturbs you to your core, it has to be shared...


This breaks my heart in so many ways that I'm having trouble deciphering what it is exactly that gets me.. And then I'm laughing... But laughing in that nervous way that subjects in the Milgram Experiment laughed... I'm not sure why. Or if it is appropriate. It feels inappropriate. It feels WRONG. And then the terrible rendition of the already-terrible Aerosmith song from the terrible movie Armageddon tugging desperately at your heart strings...

Oh my. I think this is life-changing.



Cody DJango said...

Nice work on the site Tyler. I've subscribed. See you around.

french panic said...

1. I feel vaguely superior (to whom? not quite sure.) that I don't think I would have ever actually recognized that song as Aerosmith. I have gone to extreme lengths to prevent myself from ever seeing any part of That Film you mention.

2. This made me laugh out loud. No, I didn't LOL, I actually made sounds which caused my office mate to show vague interest in what I was laughing at. Noted: stuffed animals make me laugh when their beaks/faces/head parts fall off.

And now I'm jealous because I wish I had a duck and a dog to make weird videos with.